About Us

Fire Opal Media is a game design and development company bringing together some of the very best designers and professionals in the gaming industry for a single purpose: to make great games.

The industry ecosystem is home to literally hundreds of game companies. What differentiates Fire Opal is our multistage design and development process that turns your vision into a compelling game solution. This process aligns our core team of well-known, top-tier game designers with skilled software developers and experienced testers that code your game solution to platforms that include Web, Social, Mobile and Xbox Live®.

Experience Quality Company Difference

Our design team has held senior roles in some of the industry's most popular and successful titles, including Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons®, Duels of the Planeswalkers™, D&D Miniatures Game™, D&D Tiny Adventures™, Star Wars® Miniatures, the Star Wars® RPG (Saga Edition), and numerous releases for Magic: The Gathering®.

Our development team has worked at some of the world's most notable software companies, including Microsoft®, Google™, Electronic Arts™, Disney® Games, IBM®, Activision® and Expedia®.

The designers behind Fire Opal have created literally hundreds of successful game designs. Across nearly every platform—from TCG and pen and paper systems to games for Xbox Live® Arcade, Sony PS3™ and PSP™, Facebook®, and Apple®'s iOS—we understand the intricacies of creating the right mechanics for the right game to accomplish a specific business objective.

Our commitment to quality extends to development. The Fire Opal team has development experience on hundreds of titles, including well-known Xbox® and XBLA titles such as Zuma®, Texas Hold 'Em, Lumines™ LIVE, and Perfect Dark®.

Everyone in the company has the opportunity to present and drive ideas. An open process lets members propose games solutions and drive those solutions.

A shared stake encourages smarter decisions. Members can make choices based on the specifics of a situation, because they hold stake in our company.

Designers own their IP. We allow designers to retain outside ownership of their IP. This lets us attract the best and brightest.

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